Sunday, August 23, 2009

my obsession now!

obsessed with this little creature now....

of course that picture is not from my's from my friend's

my current setup up is a disaster.....22 shrimps died 17 shrimps....latest casualty was this morning..

next reset will be after KK trip......going to tear down the whole tank...will use new soil new scape...and use more proper filter media...

i shall succeed on the 2nd reset!!!! i will!!!!!

well...soon i'll post up my total set-up....right after i get the 2nd reset correct and running...

raining season now...

holiday season coming soon......


i really need some rest....

mentally.....weekend is just not enuf.....a getaway is preferable...

yawn yawn

just drop by to say hi:):)

Monday, April 20, 2009

do you??

are u or are u not afraid to take risk when you don't know the future??

when you face situation as below

will you take a step back and think or just go ahead and let fate leads you the way..??

Thursday, December 04, 2008

christmas wishlist.

1. a DLSR Lens (forgot how long is the focus length..but i know it has fixed F2.5 thruout the focus length.....didnt buy it because it costs to buy..increament also dunnu got or not..kan?)

2. extra 1gig ram for my laptop..( this one i a lil tulan...partly was because of my stupidity too..oh..should say my impatientness....bought tx2032au during may and only realised that it has only 512mb of my comp cant really do multi-tasking and really feel like adding extra another gig of ram)

3. a holiday (actually my company going to shut down for 2 weeks during christmas i think i'll go fishing at batu maung or pulau betong tat time..gosh..i miss beach alot..)

4. sleep (i wan a really good long nice sleep.....i dunnu...i feel dem tired everyday....)

5. a game console (i scare after i buy d will play for a while then throw it away...but if it's a psp...not bad also

6. a phone (haha!!! blackberry or iphone's a dream wish tho..i know i wont be happening anytime soon)

7. having the moment again (i miss it alot)

8. spend time with cc (this will beat all other 7 wishes flat....)

alright..i'll come back on monday coz weekend i'm totally not available :)

p/s: i can acutally listen a song continously for few days..currently listening to electrico's runaway and love in new wave.....continously....okay..i's 2 songs.. :)

happy early christmas!!

i'll be back for sure!